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Engineering, Production and Quality Control

A unique production system to fulfill ever more demanding needs

A unique production system to fulfill ever more demanding needs

Shorter development periods through our unique CAE
Hayashi Telempu has created a unique, highly advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) system together with HAITEX, a member of the Hayashi Telempu Group specializing in information system development. The system enables us to conduct repeated comuter simulation tests and therefore means less time-in building and testing of prototypes. The result is a significant reduction in the product development period. Indeed, the CAE-based development platform is a major factor in our ability to develop and produce new, ahead-of-the-times products.
Optimal production equipment which responds to customer needs
Cutting-edge equipment such as laser and water jet cutting machines is installed on Hayashi Telempu's production line. Use of such equipment enables our company to optimize the production of our products. Hayashi Telempu facilitates the optimal equipment in order to realize fine processing which cannot be supported by general-purpose production equipment. Our production system has synergy to support high-mix low-volume production.
IATF16949-certified quality control system
Hayashi Telempu was one of the first Japanese manufacturers to be certified the ISO/IATF16949, the international quality management standard for the automotive industry.
Our quality control system is based on Jikotei Kanketsu (own-process completion). While our quality control regime has always stood out from the rest, the IATF16949 system has the added advantage of improving each employee's process management skills, and we are confident that the certification will help smooth the way for our global expansions.

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