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Research and Development

A system to create comfort of the next generation

A system to create comfort of the next generation


The Technical Center, Spine for advanced technology development
The Hayashi Telempu Technical Research Center takes a vital role for all aspects of development of development, including everything from advanced studies of component technology to production readiness. The institute does not just measure data; it is also equipped to assess and make improvements from an end user's perspective. As one of the first domestic auto-parts manufacturers to introduce sound-measurement chassis dynamos, Hayashi Telempu also has side-impact crash test devices, large thermo-hygrostat chambers and other advanced evaluation technology to ensure superior automotive interiors and exteriors.
Developing new, and functional materials
One of our overriding aims is to constantly develop multi-functional, high-performance materials for automotive interiors and exteriors. Appearance, texture and noise-reduction are continually improving, and materials are becoming much lighter. Furthermore, in recent years, safety (e.g., the ability to absorb impact energy) has become an increasingly important factor. Hayashi Telempu makes effective use of our multiple cutting-edge facilities to research and develop materials that will turn our dreams of ultra-modern interiors into reality. Indeed, our engineers work with an extensive catalog of materials, including metals, plastics, fablic, leather (real and synthetic) and even wood.
Pursuit of peace and quiet through NV development
Hayashi Telempu takes pride in international top-class technology in the field of acoustics technology development. To date, we have established two systems to make car interiors as peaceful and guiet as possible: the Hayashi Telempu Sound Absorption and Insulation System, which shuts out outside noise and sound and absorbs them once entered into a car, and the Hayashi Telempu Sealing System, which prevents sound leaking into a car through gaps. Moreover, we are working to develop an NV packaging system that would combine these two systems to suit individual vehicle concepts.
In 2004, we were honored to act as acoustics consultant for LMS, the world-famous engineering company in Belgium, and we continue to sharpen our acoustic analysis skills. Indeed, our ideas and product performance have triggered much talk. For instance, our sound-absorbing sun visor won the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper's Monozukuri Manufacturing Award Encouragement Prize for parts manufacturing in Japan.

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