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Planning and Design

Offering new values that appeal to all the senses

Offering new values that appeal to all the senses

Proactive development and planning of new model concepts
Hayashi Telempu never waits for auto manufacturers to place orders. Our approach is to plan and develop new auto-parts to offer our customers, predicting future needs and seeking new model concepts. For instance, industry-first "wood floor" car interiors and interior illumination using new optical-technology materials are the ones which we developed, planned and offered to auto manufacturers rather than waiting for them to come up with an idea. In this manner, Hayashi Telempu is dedicated not only just to fulfill existing needs but to create customers' needs.
Manufacturer? Trader? Both.
Hayashi Telempu is much more than just a manufacturer; we have considerable clout as a trading company as well. For instance, in addition to making and selling automotive interiors and exteriors, we also produce leather for seat upholstery. Similarly with our other activities, we do not simply make upholstery to suit existing vehicle concepts, but create those concepts ourselves and offer them to our customers. Together with a broad array of partners, we are developing upholstery with a close eye on raw materials, textures and patterns that the market will demand. Our designers are regular visitors to international trade shows and exhibitions around the globe, and we have an effective set-up for collecting the latest design information from our subsidiaries and design partners in North America, Europe and Asia.
A true renaissance company with a broad range of interests
Hayashi Telempu believes that sensitivity to tastes, which is to have an accurate feel not only for automotive matters but also for people's cultures and lifestyles, is important in planning and developing car interiors and exteriors. Indeed, our extensive range of businesses allows us to remain constantly sensitive to these factors.
For instance, Hayashi Bussan imports top quality interior decorative products from all over the world to enrich living space. But the company is much more than just an importer;Hayashi Bussan is consolidating its position as a comprehensive supplier of interior decorations through the operation of the TOM DIXON SHOP.Furthermore, the Meito Museum of Art, owned by the Hayashi Telempu Group, houses a wide spectrum of art centered on modern Japanese paintings, and is available for the enjoyment of the general public.
In this way, the Hayashi Telempu Group aims to maintain our position as a true renaissance company.

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