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Environmental Commitment and Social Contribution

Of one of global citizens

Through our production of automotive interiors and exteriors, it is our mission at Hayashi Telempu to help people achieve as enjoyable a driving experience as possible, and to strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products and the processes by which they are made.

Aiming for less environmental impact manufacturing
Consideration for the environment is our duty as a corporate citizen. In particular, improving the recyclability of components is an important issue for the automotive business, and Hayashi Telempu is working to do our part, for instance by giving full consideration to product recycling right from the design and procurement stages in the production process. Furthermore, we are striving to reduce car-interior VOC, use fewer substances that have an impact on the environment, and develop more plant-derived materials.
Pursuing energy conservation in the production process
We have long worked to conserve energy and minimize the volume of materials we dispose of. Moreover, our efforts have been recognized with ISO14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management. Still, we continue to educate employees in order to ensure full awareness of the importance of environmental issues.
Seeking harmony with the surrounding environment by promoting the greening of factories
Our Main Plant lies in the middle of a natural environment surrounded by greenery. While actively promoting the greening of the factory site, Hayashi Telempu considers the environment in all aspects of manufacturing, from production processes to equipment, products, and facilities.
Collection featuring many works of prominent Japanese painters.
Borne of a desire to realize a relaxing, art-filled space for all to enjoy, the Meito Museum of Art was opened in 1992. Located in Nagakute-cho, the museum features traditional Japanese architecture nestled in serene gardens. Its collection is centered on modern Japanese paintings, and boasts numerous works by Japan's most prominent artists, thus affording visitors a broad overview of the trends in modern Japanese art.

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