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HAYASHI TELEMPU Safety and Health Declaration

HAYASHI TELEMPU recognizes that ensuring the safety and health of all workers is the foundation of management and social responsibility, and based on the principles of "respect for people" and "safety first," We will actively promote the creation of comfortable workplaces and the promotion of mental and physical health, aiming for zero disaster and zero illness.

Representative Director and President
Takao Hayashi

Six priority measures

1. Enthusiasm and sensitivity
By promoting real bodily education and continuous risk assessment, each individual will deepen their knowledge and aim to improve their enthusiasm for safety and the perception of danger prediction.

2. Building a safety culture
Through “activity to show back” and “safety patrol with participation of other departments” led by managers, we will establish a safety culture that everyone can point out and take care of, and build a safe and comfortable work environment.

3. Promote constant improvement
We will appropriately allocate management resources to safety activities that prioritize the reduction of work risks and the prevention of recurrence, and promote the continuous improvement of danger and harmful factors.

4. Creating a health-oriented workplace culture
Creating a health-oriented workplace culture By promoting health events and active smoking cessation activities with the participation of all employees and establishing a health-oriented workplace culture, we aim to create a healthy workplace where voluntary and continuous health behavior can be achieved.

5. Improve your health level
Through continuous support such as substantial medical examinations and specific health guidance, we will follow up on individual and detailed improvements and aim to improve the health level of each and every employee.

6. Creating a comfortable work environment
We aim to stimulate workplace communication by utilizing personal interviews (CS) and stress checks, and aim to create a workplace environment that values the safety and health of fellow employees so that diverse human resources can play active roles.

Health and safety promotion system

The Health and Safety Environment Promotion Department is the secretariat of the Safety and Health Committee at the head office and promotes health promotion measures company-wide.
In each workplace, the health manager and the health promotion officer are designated as “promotion leaders,” and work to improve employee health levels and create a health-oriented workplace culture in accordance with annual plans formulated for each workplace.
In addition, based on the health status and medical environment of each business site, we will promote appropriate support for promoting mental and physical health.

Health and safety promotion system

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