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Affiliated Companies

Our comprehensive strength is borne of close-knit teamwork throughout the group

Each company in the Hayashi Telempu Group has its own strengths.
Together in partnership, they combine to form Hayashi Telempu's formidable comprehensive strengths, which allow us to satisfy our customers' varied needs.

Hayashi Bussan

TOM DIXON is a British product design brand by a world-renowned interior designer Tom Dixon. TOM DIXON SHOP is the Japan's first and only shop, selling elegant lighting, furniture and accessories. The interior space was coordinated and designed by himself to allow you to fully enjoy the brand's view of the world.
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HAITEX Co., Ltd.

Established in 1993 with the merging and spinning off of the Hayashi Telempu Engineering and Information Systems Sections, HAITEX provides comprehensive IT solutions. The company's strengths lie in two fields of expertise: computer-aided design, which offers a complete range of services from product and mold design to development of system technology; and infotech, in which the company offers complete support for clients through information system planning, design, development and administration.

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Meito Museum of Art

Borne of a desire to realize a relaxing, art-filled space for all to enjoy, the Meito Museum of Art was opened in 1992. Located in Nagakute-shi, the museum features traditional Japanese architecture nestled in serene gardens. Its collection is centered on modern Japanese paintings, and boasts numerous works by Japan's most prominent artists, thus affording visitors a broad overview of the trends in modern Japanese art. Permanent exhibitions are arranged by season and other themes and never fail to inspire serenity in the hearts of visitors, while special exhibitions serve to add spice to the museum's walls.

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NEVHA was established in 2018 as a joint venture with Adler Pelzer, the company headquatered in Germany with the largest share of EV soundproof materials. The automotive acoustic technologies of the two companies will be merged for the development of new technologies in the exterior and interior work of automobiles, including soundproof materials for next-generation vehicles.


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